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Why You Should Start Your Fitness Journey Now

I’ll get fit tomorrow. I’ll get fit on Monday. I’m going to start after my Birthday. I’m going to start after Easter. How many times do we hear excuses like this? The truth is, people that say things like this will probably never start a fitness routine, and if they do they’ll soon give up. Why? Because they don’t want it enough to start right now. Starting your fitness journey right now is the best thing to do if you’re serious – after all, there’s no time like the present! Here’s why you should start taking your fitness more seriously:

Fight off Disease

Fitness isn’t just about having a 6 pack or huge biceps. It’s good for our health. While we can’t always stop getting ill, we can reduce our chances by taking part in regular exercise and eating the right food. We especially reduce our chances of getting things like heart disease and Alzheimer’s. Keep your body and mind healthy with your fitness journey!

Delay The Ageing Process

You can’t stop the aging process, but you can delay it with exercise. Exercise is a fantastic, natural way to look younger for longer. You won’t need expensive surgery or creams to do the job for you.

Stay More Mobile Into Old Age

As we get older, we struggle to get around somewhat. However, if we make the decision to stay fit and keep everything in working order, we’ll be more mobile into old age. We’ll be able to chase our grandchildren and play. We won’t need to rely on anybody to get us to where we need to be or look after us. We’ll keep our independence and freedom! With a mix of cardio, strength training, and stretching we’ll keep our bodies in tip top condition. Go to for equipment that can help.

Lose Excess Weight

If you have excess weight to lose, making the decision to get fit will soon see it come off. You just need to make sure that you keep up your routine even after you’ve lost it all – you need to maintain it! You don’t want to fall back into old habits. Remember; it shouldn’t matter how long it takes, as this is a lifelong commitment.



Have a Better Sense of Well Being

Exercising and eating right will always give a better sense of well being. Not only will you get that burst of endorphins after you’ve exercises, you’ll feel better about yourself and life in general. Your confidence and self esteem will be through the roof!

Find More Things You’re Good At

In any fitness journey, a person will always find something they’re good at. You might be the fastest sprinter, or the strongest bicep curler. You might not be to begin with, but you’ll make improvements until you have something to truly be proud of.

Make New Friends

Exercising nearly always comes with new friends, whether you meet them in classes or at bootcamps.

Reach Your Goals

If you have goals that you’re serious about reaching, starting now is the only way to do it. Show yourself you’re serious. Prove to yourself and the doubters what you can do.

Start feeling the effects of these benefits right now by pledging to start your fitness journey!

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