Friday , 2 June 2023
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5 Essential Tips For Electronic Cigarette Smokers

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Are you part of the new electronic cigarette trend? Millions of people have rushed out to buy an electronic cigarette to help them give up smoking for good, and those numbers are going to get even higher in 2014! If you’re considering becoming an electronic cigarette smoker or have just started, here are 5 essential tips to make the most of these incredible inventions.

1. Buy the right electronic cigarette for you

Trying to give up smoking using electronic cigarettes will only work if you find the right brand and flavours for you. It will be far too easy to give up giving up, if you don’t like the taste, feel or battery life of your new electronic cigarette. You need to see the best e-cigarette brands reviewed before making the choice of which one will work best for you. Only then will it be easy to make the decision and begin your healthier lifestyle. If you ever feel overwhelmed by the number of choices available to you, just invest in small premium vaporizers. They are always a good buy and give you superior vaping experience as well.

2. Invest in a range of flavours

Bulk buying a whole load of cherry flavour refills can be great if you love cherry, but we can bet you will soon get sick of the same flavour! By investing in several different flavours it will be much easier to resist the urge to light up a cigarette. You can get tobacco flavour for when you’re really craving that taste, then some sweeter flavours for a more joyful experience. There are plenty of different flavours to choose from, so try out a few different ones to see what you like best.

3. Throw away the real cigarettes

Saying “I’m just going to keep these cigarettes to prove my dedication” is possibly the worst mistake any electronic cigarette smoker can make. One day that dedication will be waning, and it will be too easy to give in. You need to get rid of any real cigarettes and anything related to real cigarettes; lighters, ashtrays and anything else you won’t need. Don’t risk the temptation, just get it all out of the house.

4. Remember there’s still nicotine in an e-cigarette

You are going to get cravings for cigarettes, but it will only be habit and your brain playing tricks on you. There is nicotine in an electronic cigarette, more than enough to satisfy those nasty cravings. If you’re feeling yourself slipping then take an extra puff on your e-cigarette and try to distract yourself. A craving only lasts 3 minutes at the most so it won’t be long before your brain gives up trying to persuade you.

5. Reward yourself

Giving up smoking when using electronic cigarettes is a big achievement, be proud of yourself! Reward yourself for every milestone you reach when giving up smoking; from a day to a year. They can be little rewards such as a chocolate bar, up to a holiday using all the money you saved from not smoking. By giving yourself that extra motivation, you’ll never want to turn back to normal cigarettes ever again. Who knows, maybe even e-cigarettes will be unappealing by the time you’ve hit a year smokefree.

These 5 essentials tips should make it so much easier to give up smoking using electronic cigarettes. If you ever feel yourself giving in, come back to this page and read through the tips again. You’ll remember all the methods you’ve been using and the cravings will soon pass. Good luck!

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