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18 Unconventional Ways to Quit Smoking

Although people are aware nowadays of how harmful smoking is to the body, people continue to smoke because they haven’t got the right mindset and keep telling themselves they can’t do it. If you’ve struggled and struggled to quit smoking, you might want to try some unconventional methods of quitting to help you. If you think that’s what you need, here’s 18 unconventional ways to quit smoking:

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1. Have your teeth whitened. Have your teeth cleaned and whitened by a professional and you might find you’re scared of messing them up!

2. Have a baby. This isn’t a decision you should take lightly, and you should want one for the right reasons, not just because you think it will help you stop smoking. However, if you do get pregnant you’ll have no choice but to quit unless you want to harm your baby.

3. Ask family members and friends to join you in your attempt to quit smoking.

4. Tell your friend that you will pay a fine to them if you cave in and smoke a cigarette.

5. Start a blog about quitting. This will make you accountable, and if you gain followers you could share experiences with them. You will likely also be inspiring them to do the same as you!

6. Try acupuncture. It’s said that acupuncture is good for many things, and quitting smoking is supposed to be one of them.

7. If there’s a certain time you suffer from terrible cravings, have a nap.

8. Do some physical activity; run, swim, bike – anything that will take your mind off smoking!

9. Try speaking to a hypnotist – in some cases this has been proven to work!

10. Bury your cigarettes in the garden. Wrap up your packets of fags in plastic bags and bury them deep in the garden. If you want one you’ll have to dig them up!

11. Treat yourself to something with the money you’ve saved from not smoking.

12. Take a look at smokers who have smoked all their life and imagine how much better they would look if they hadn’t, and how you might look if you don’t stop. Wrinkled, dry skin, brown/yellow, stained teeth, and so on.

13. Look up scary facts about the consequences of smoking.

14. Imagine how you’d feel if your children started smoking. If they have a smoking parent it’s likely they will when they grow up!

15. Have a look at pictures of diseases caused by smoking and gross yourself out so that every time you want to smoke you remember what you saw.

16. Try an alternative to smoking cigarettes, like smoking an Ecig by Electrig. People sometimes start using Ecigs and then the novelty wears off, so make it more interesting with flavoured cartridges!

17. Watch anti smoking videos on Youtube.

18. Smoke until your feel sick. Light up one after the other, again and again, until you feel totally disgusted and sick at the thought of smoking ever again.

If you really want to quit smoking, try these unconventional methods to give you a kick up the bum!

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