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Experts want to help streamline the process of choosing a breast enlargement treatment. The approach taken by experts is to provide women with high quality information to help make the right and most well informed decision they can? However, getting the right information is never easy. Many websites, linked to surgical clinics, fail to discuss the post-operative nuances – like post-care management etc. – and how the enlargement process is not a life-time treatment. Experts believes in giving its patients the best and most accurate, and up-to-date clinically-led information to help patients make the right decision on a life-altering course of treatment.

Women consider breast implants for a variety of reasons. One common factor is the natural variation in breast development during puberty, which can lead some women to contemplate breast enlargement procedures. Additionally, certain life events such as pregnancy or cancer treatment might prompt women to consider breast augmentation as a way to restore their body confidence.

In addition to surgical options, there are non-surgical methods available for breast enhancement. These methods include using padded bras that come with or without external padding fillers. These alternatives provide women with various options to achieve the appearance they desire without undergoing surgical procedures.These disguise the true size of the breasts. Other forms of ‘correction’, include:

Exercise – Undertaking exercise increases the visual prominence of the chest wall, upon which the breasts lie. However, exercise cannot increase the breast size itself – in fact extreme levels of exercise have been known to reduce the size of the breast.

Creams & Drugs – There are a myriad of different drugs or creams that can create a ‘temporary’ increase in size. These ‘temporary’ increases are caused by irritating the breast muscle and can cause serious harm. Many professionals always recommend that patients avoid using such creams or drugs.

Silicone-free Injections – This was a technique popularised in Japan in the early 1990s. However, the procedure let to many enlargement procedural disasters. The approach has been questioned by cosmetic surgery professionals recommends that people avoid this approach.

Suction of the Breasts – This is a temporary boost that doesn’t last. It surrounds using suction devices to increase the breast. It is a temporary and dangerous approach.


Silicone or saline-filled implants remain the industry standard for breast enlargement implants, as it involves lesser risks and complications as compared to the aforementioned methods. But the quality of silicone used and the credibility of the surgeon performing the procedure can greatly affect the results. So, in order to find the best options for breast augmentation surgeries, you should start by searching breast implants near me on the web and weigh your options. Ensure that you read up on reviews, testimonials, services offered, and the resources available on the clinic portals. It is important to visit a centre that delivers quality because a botched surgery could end in disaster and lead to further problems.


This is not a simple question to answer, you may have a ‘dream size’. However, there are elements you need to think about when considering your dream bust size. Doctors use 3D scanning software that can help choose the right size. However, you need to remember that the best results for long-term enlargement implants are based upon the thickness of the soft tissue that covers your breast body area. Everyone is different in this singular respect. The soft tissue will, of course, thin over time. So you need to remember that the bigger the implant the more thinning there will be over time.


Did you know that surgical implants do not last forever? No augmented breast will ‘feel’ normal? That all implants require maintenance. The bodily tissue change over time will make your breasts change over time (and age). These are important factors many people don’t consider and what many clinics fail to tell potential patients. Medical Professionals believe in telling patients the truth about breast enlargement procedures.


Do your research – come prepared to your consultation! Its important that you find quality information. Simply Better Breasts offers an up-to-the-minute clinically-led web resource that can help potential patients explore the idea and the practicalities of breast enlargement procedures. Remember good research means that if you know before your meeting with your clinical team what you want in terms of prosthesis, surgery and after care then it makes it easier to go through the process. Remember, before choosing your treatment, talk to surgeons, read books/journals and other web resources and gather a multitude of quality information that will allow you to make an informed and decisive choice regarding your surgery.

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