Friday , 1 December 2023
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Finding Your Own Incentive to Get Healthier

You see and hear it everywhere, all about how you have to take some positive action to look after your health and yet as a result of the idea of being healthy sort of presenting itself as always being within reach if you take the time to pursue it, actually investing in one’s health is often left until it’s too late. You want to start worrying about preventing a cold when you already have the sniffles; you want to start taking a closer look at your cholesterol intake when you’ve already been experiencing a sharp pain in your heart; and you want to start eating healthier when your energy levels are already in a seemingly permanent state of depletion.


It’s only natural though that we want to start dealing with the problem when the signs and symptoms are in their advanced stages, and although it really never is too late, the later you leave investing in your health, the harder it becomes to get it back to a healthier state. In any attempts you may have previously made to take care of your health by perhaps exercising, you’ll already be familiar with the varied degrees of difficulty in starting a fitness programme and in maintaining one. It’s much easier to maintain your fitness than to get it back or to pursue it from scratch and that’s how it is for your health as well.

Of course health and fitness are very closely related, with fitness mirroring one’s health to a certain degree. The biggest incentive one can ever have for getting healthier however can only be driven by a very personal reason to get healthy. Yes, taking part in a beach-body competition such as the Maxinutrition 30 day contest to transform your physique and win a trip to Ibiza, Spain, is perhaps a big enough incentive, but even these types of direct incentives are only really put in place so as to instil a perpetual desire in participants to maintain good health.

On the medical side of things, the same rings true, as is so aptly demonstrated via the old saying, ”prevention is better than cure,” alongside another old saying, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Your body’s current state of health is a culmination of all the things you do to it daily, some of which are done on a very tiny scale, but everything adds up in the end. If you’ve not had a life-threatening health scare of your own, particularly one which could have easily been prevented, then at least make use of someone else’s health scare who is near and dear to you to proactively take an interest in taking better care of your own health. Even tomorrow may be too late to reverse some health issues which have been a long time in the making, so start right now.

You only get one body (as far as I know). Take good care of it and it’ll return the favour, taking good care of you too!

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