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Five Exercises to Increase Your Muscle Building

Building muscle is something many people aspire to, but often think that the time and effort involved is not worth it.

However, those who want to get a great physique will look at the range of bodybuilding supplements from retailers such as Predator Nutrition and consider what they can do to vastly improve their physique and look and feel stronger. Here are five top exercises to perform in order to build muscle:

Dead Lift – this involves using the whole body. How it works is that you lift a barbell from the ground and keep it up as long as you can before you’re ready to let it go. This is a simple technique, where you use both arms to lift it, and add more weight each time you get used to it.

 Squat – this involves using the legs and core, and helps to build mass for the legs. How you can do it is by crouching down and lifting a barbell and positioning it above your arched back. This is harder to do than a deadlift, but once mastered, your body will become used to it.

 Bench Press – one of the easier weightlifting exercises, all you need to do is use a bench, and lift a barbell above your chest repeatedly, bringing it close to the chest area after lifting it as high as possible. This is perfect for building muscle in the chest and arms.

Military Press/Shoulder Press – this is vital for your shoulders. To perform a military press, you lift a barbell above your head, and do it as many times as you feel you can manage. As for the shoulder press, you should lift your weights up to shoulder height.

 Barbell Row – this is useful for building your back muscles. How it’s performed is that you lift the barbell with both hands and then, using a bench as support, you lift one end in front of you while bent forward. This is a great exercise that’s relatively easy to perform.

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