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Health Related Gifts For Women

People love receiving gifts; they make you feel special and allow you to feel pampered and loved.

However, the best type of gift to receive is one that will have a positive effect on your health, and these do not just need to be limited to Christmas. A great way to show you someone you love that you care is to look after their wellbeing, and what better way to do so then help with healthcare?

Home aromatherapy kit

A home aromatherapy kit consists of oils and plant extracts and is not just a gift that will make you feel good but one that is interesting and gives scope for learning. There are well over one hundred different essential oils, each having unique powers and benefits. Well known oils are lavender for stress and peppermint to ease an aching head.

By purchasing a starter kit you are not only encouraging healthy living, but provoking an interest in a subject of tremendous diversion. A common first kit might contain eucalyptus, lavender, chamomile, lemongrass and tea tree, all beautifully present in a wooden box.

Cost: Starting from around 20 for a good starter kit.
Homebrew kit
Although drinking alcohol in large amounts has been found to have a negative affect on health, Christmas is a time to indulge and treat oneself.

A perfect gift therefore for a loved one that is partial to a drink at festive time is a homebrew kit. Although home brew will still be both calorific as well as alcoholic, it is indeed a healthier option than shop bought alcohol due to the lack of nasty additives and preservatives.

As well as this, a kit for homebrew will allow you to diversify and add healthy herbs to your brew and even make wine without additives such as histamines.
Cost: Starting from around 20 for a small starter kit.
Natural beauty products

Natural beauty gifts are always a great gift at Christmas time, both hair and skin products being a great choice. People love to still look their best at this cold time of year, and this can be taxing with the wind and cold biting into your hair.

Great products that you should choice from are jojoba oil for a deep moisturizing treatment and lemongrass or lavender oil to encourage hair growth. Avoid products that will harm your hair and look for gentle and natural cleansing products such as those containing essential vitamins for hair as well as wheat protein.
Cost: Depending on budget, as little as 3 and up
Essential spa breaks

the gift of pure indulgefoncyour e vwt one ishlaxing spa b.its, such a break can allow your loved one to really feel special and be pampered to the max.

After a hard working week, a spa break is literally like a slice of heaven and the gift can include not just spa treatments but some fantastic accommodation too. For those who love health farm experiences, then a spa break will be the perfect treat.

Cost: From 35 for a spa day and from 80 for a spa break. If you look online you can often find deals on spa breaks, or wellness vouchers offering additional services for free.
Homemade Cookery book

If you are searching for a gift on a lower budget but one that will still be healthy and appreciated then a book of healthy recipes could be perfect. Dishes are available in a huge range these days that specialize in low fat options, vegetarian dishes and salt free sides and main courses. By collecting together recipes from the Internet and from magazines and other sources you can compile a totally unique book that will be treasured for years to ce.

Cost: From as little as you want to as much as you want to spend
Professional massage

As yet another year draws to a close, everyone is feeling tense. The perfect gift therefore to wind down after the year is a professional massage. There are plenty of options for massage therapy in Addison, TX (or anywhere else) such as a sports massage or perhaps a traditional Swedish massage for fatigue, muscle tension, and swelling. If however you are on a budget then you could simply buy some essential massage oils and give a personal gift yoursf.

Cost: Depending on type of massage, from 3 upwards
Cookery items

Although many women do not like to be given cooking items as gifts for Christmas, there are plenty of gadgets for the kitchen you can choose from. Try however to steer clear of simple pieces of equipment such as a new blender or microwave oven and choose a gift that will be fun such as an ice cream maker or a bread maker. Or if you are in search of the perfect healthy gift for the kitchen then choose a steamer to ensure cooking without losing nutrients.
Cost: 25 upwards depending on choice of equipment.

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