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Home Adaptations You Can Make To Enjoy An Easier Life

There are many adjustments you can make to your home that will make your life easier. Some of these things may be able to be provided by from your local council if you need help with payments, to find out more contact your local council.

Home Access

  • Hand rails or a ramp for your front door.
  • For better visibility outside – think about installing lights.

Improving accessibility in your home can be easy. It starts with the installation of handrails or a ramp at the front door; these ensure easier entry for individuals with mobility challenges. Likewise, incorporating outdoor lighting fixtures improves visibility, adding a layer of security and convenience. These modifications can help create a more inclusive environment that accommodates diverse needs, thereby fostering a welcoming and well-equipped home for both residents and visitors alike.

Moving Around Your Home

  • To help with the stairs: A stair lift/ Wheelchair Lift Grab Rails or a Second Bannister, Newel Rails.
  • Reposition or widen doors in your home for wheelchair access in all rooms.

You must look for practical solutions when it comes to increasing accessibility in your property. Some of them are mentioned here. Installing a stair lift from UK Mobility Stairlifts and firms of similar ilk (or a wheelchair lift), for example, can aid with navigating stairs; grab rails and second bannisters can also support mobility inside the house. Additionally, it would be suggested that you reposition or widen doors to facilitate wheelchair access to all rooms, ensuring a more inclusive living environment.

To Help With Bathing

  • Invest in a bath lift or a shower seat
  • Add a removable bath board to help you in and out of the bath
  • Install Flood detectors
  • Install a level access shower

Improving bathroom safety and convenience can be achieved by investing in a bath lift or shower seat. These can improve comfort and accessibility. Adding a removable bath board can also aid in getting in and out of the bath. What’s more? You can consider installing flood detectors and level-access showers; they can prevent water damage and ensure easier entry and use of the washroom for individuals with mobility limitations.

Kitchen Adaptations

  • A Kettle tipper
  • A wheelchair accessible sink
  • Cupboards with pull-out shelves to get to things easier.
  • A clamp can be fitted to your counter to secure cans and bottles whilst you open them

If you are looking for ways to enhance kitchen functionality and accessibility then you must purchase a kettle tipper which can simplify the process of pouring hot water safely. Invest in a wheelchair-accessible sink and cupboards with pull-out shelves for convenient access to items. Know that fitting a clamp to the counter can also help out in this endeavor — it can secure cans and bottles while opening them.

To Help You Get Up And Down

Searching for methods to amplify your bedroom mobility? Look no further because we have got you covered with a few tips regarding specific furniture choices. A rise-and-recline chair, for example, can offer adjustable positioning for optimal comfort and ease of movement. A mobility bed that features railings can offer additional support and assist individuals with mobility challenges in the bedroom.

To Better Your Vision and Help with Hearing

  • Talking clocks/ watches or clocks/watches with a clear and bold display.
  • You can buy portable scanners that read labels or barcodes on items out loud.
  • A pager that vibrates when the doorbell or phone rings.
  • You can get indicators that flashlights when the smoke alarm sounds.

Assistive devices like talking clocks or watches with clear displays aid in timekeeping; portable scanners can read labels or barcodes aloud for easy identification. Specialised pagers can vibrate when the doorbell or phone rings, thereby ensuring prompt awareness. An indicator that flashes lights can help in alerting individuals and improving awareness.

All this information was adapted from the Age UK website, for more advice on the above topic – visit their page.

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