Friday , 21 June 2024
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Nivea’s Man of the Match Experience

NIVEA MEN celebrate their England FA and Dutch Eredivisie Football sponsorship by giving regular guys a real Man of the Match experience.

Having your name chanted by a stadium of adoring football fans is something most of us will never get to experience – we’ll never know how incredible and exhilarating that really feels. However, as part of the relaunch of the Originals range, NIVEA MEN set themselves the task of giving everyday guys the chance to find out.

Posing as a standard NIVEA MEN sampling tent in a shopping centre, passers-by were encouraged into the marquee to receive a free grooming session. While inside, a 50-strong crew then went to work to orchestrate the transformation of the shopping centre into a World class football stadium using all manor of footballing props and an army of passionate supporters. As 12 hidden cameras began rolling, our average Joes got a taste of what it feels like to be on top of their game and the Man of the Match. Check out the video below:

Go to and you too could feel like Man of the Match.

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