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Want To Lose Weight Naturally? Here’s How!

There are many products that you can buy from health food stores today that claim to be able to help you lose those pounds, but the truth is many of them are nothing more than a marketing gimmick, which usually result in you losing nothing but your dollars and gaining a placebo effect!

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But did you know that, with some hard work and dedication, you could actually lose weight naturally? Here are some tips that you can learn which show you how!


One of the main factors for a person becoming overweight is not necessarily down to the quantity of food they eat, but the actual foods themselves that they consume. For example, eating a quarter of a pound of celery won’t make you gain weight, but eating a quarter-pound beef burger will!

There are numerous ways that you can cut down on the bad things you eat and supplement them with lots of good things, such as fruit, vegetables, and low-fat “treats”.

If you are tech-savvy, then you should consider using a smartphone or tablet app to help you track the food you eat and regulate the amount of calories you consume on a daily basis. Examples of good calorie-counting apps include MyFitnessPal and My Diet Diary.


Americans live in a world of convenience and fast-food restaurants, but sadly this way of making life easy has also made it far too easy to avoid basic exercise regimes.

Although no-one is saying you should go and run a marathon every Saturday, you should consider taking some light exercises such as walking around the block with your dog, cycle to your buddy’s house across town, or maybe hitting the gym for an hour.

Taking some simple steps to get active in your spare time will have a significant positive impact on your health – something which your body will thank you for! Again, for those with smartphones and tablets, you could use apps such as RunKeeper to log the amount of exercising you do, as well as how many calories you burn doing so.

Give up liquor

Another reason for people packing those extra pounds is by drinking beer! Liquor is not only a way to gain weight, but long-term drinking can cause you serious health problems, such as cirrhosis of the liver in severe cases. Swapping those beers for refreshing fruit juices is definitely worth any pain and suffering you might encounter in later life.

Eat healthily

Although I’ve talked about this briefly at the beginning of this blog post, the key factor in losing weight is to simply eat more healthily! Don’t worry – you meat eaters don’t have to become vegetarian, all you need to do is just have a balanced diet.

By this, I mean eating plenty of fresh vegetables and fruit and only occasionally having those steak dinners! You can even complement your healthy eating by drinking healthily too. Water, for example doesn’t contain any calories, yet stops our bodies from becoming dehydrated – which can sometimes be caused by drinking lots of coffee!

Herbal drinks such as chaga mushroom tea, available from specialist websites such as the Sayan Health website, is not only is a well-known weight-loss aid, but it helps to remove harmful toxins from your body too.

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