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How Important is a Pre-workout Supplement?

Many of us incorporate exercise into our everyday routines. For those of us who make time to go to the gym, you might consider taking supplements before your workout so you can make the most out of it. There are a number of supplement experts such as Second to None Nutrition who can help you figure out which supplements will ... Read More »

Confessions Of A Personal Trainer

Whether you work out at home or the gym, a personal trainer can be a good investment towards having a better quality of life. It’s easy to buy or use some gym equipment. But if you don’t have a plan on how to get fit and healthy, they won’t do you much good.  Personal trainers offer a wealth of knowledge ... Read More »

4 Top Tips on Losing Weight Safely

Everyone wants to lose weight. Whether it is a substantial amount or whether it is a bid to drop a few pounds. As the adage goes, putting weight on is easy. Losing it, on the other hand, well, that is a different story altogether. There are some incredibly safe ways that you can lose weight and feel good. After all, ... Read More »

Why Ballet Is Good For Your Health

Ballet always gets a mixed response from people. It may just be one of those things that is either loved or hated. There is no in-between. However, peoples view on ballet would change if they knew about the many benefits performing ballet can bring. Ballet is good for you in many different ways. You will be surprised at just how ... Read More »

10 Incredible Ways To Improve Your Mind And Your Body

Link to image When you are unhealthy, your mind will also be unhealthy. Experts have found a direct link between physical health and mental health. After all, the brain is an organ, and if it’s not getting what it needs on a daily basis then it won’t function well. If you have got unfit and your body is beginning to ... Read More »

How to Start Lifting Weights: For Women

If you’re a woman looking to start lifting weights, then you’re obviously one of the smart ones. Lifting weights is amazing for our overall health. It builds muscle, which helps to keep us strong and burn fat; plus, it fights off many illnesses and diseases in the process. Lifting weights can be daunting, but it’s so liberating once you start. ... Read More »

All You Need to Pack on the Muscle

Muscle building is achievable by anyone who wants to commit themselves to the sport. It’s a great form of exercise; it increases strength and can provide you with a great looking body. If you’re interested in building up your muscles this year, here are some excellent tips that will set you up for success.  Find a Decent Gym It will ... Read More »

Common supplement myths

Many of us are taking some form of multivitamin or supplement, either on a daily basis, or just whenever we remember. However, it’s a sad fact that there’s a lot of misinformation floating about regarding these very common little pills – so let’s bust some myths with straight facts Myth: Orangey-yellow urine means you’re not getting any of the goodness ... Read More »