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How Many Days a Week can I Workout?

This question gets asked a lot by people who are in the beginning and intermediate phases of lifting weights. Many times they have picked up various weightlifting magazines and read articles depicting the training styles of current bodybuilders. Read More »

Tips for endurance cycling

Endurance cycling is known as long-distance cycling and it means that you conserve your energy so you are able to cycle for longer periods of time. Endurance riders stick to one steady pace to make the best time while still being comfortable on their bikes. Read More »

How to cycle in winter

You do not need to put away your bike when winter comes. Cycling during the winter months can be just as exhilarating as it is in summer. This is especially true if you live in the city and hardly ever have the opportunity to do workouts outdoors. Riding a bike in icy conditions can be rather tricky and even dangerous ... Read More »

Cycling exercises for weight loss

Cycling is a super effective way to lose weight. Cycling indoors or outdoors, by yourself or in a group, cycling will help you lose weight. Like with any exercise program, it is very important to come up with a workout that consists of a variety of exercises to help keep your body challenged. This will help to burn calories as fast ... Read More »

How to avoid sore knees when cycling

A bike is a great way to build aerobic capacity without the impact that jogging has. Cycling does have certain risks. The legs and knees go through excessive forces during the constant power output required for high capacity workouts. Read More »

Stretches to do before running

Before you attempt going running you need to do warm up exercises. Start with five to ten minutes of cardiovascular activity. Next perform a full-body stretching routine that gets your muscles ready for your run. And lastly, end off with a few static stretches to target the muscles you will use most while running. Read More »